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CJA Network Archives

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Fall 2006

CJA Network Fall 2006 Newsletter

Pete Maliverni Interview


Summer 2006

CJA Network Summer 2006 Newsletter

Cyrus Chestnut Interview

Featured Article - CJA Network Founder David Arivett

"So What Is A, "Christian Jazz Artist" Anyway?"


Spring 2006

CJA Network Spring 2006 Newsletter

                      Jan./Feb.  2006

CJA Network Winter 2006 Newsletter


Nov. 2005

CJA Network Nov. 2005 Newsletter

Sept. 2005

CJA Network Special New Members Edition Fall 2005 Newsletter


July/August 2005

CJA Network July/August 2005 Newsletter


June 2005

CJA Network June Special New Members Edition 2005 Newsletter


April/May 2005

CJA Network April/May 2005 Newsletter

Saxophonist Mark McClure Interview



CJA Network Feb/March 2005 Newsletter



CJA Network January 2005 Newsletter




CJA Network December 2004 Newsletter

CJA Network Interview with Randy Bernsen



CJA Network Newsletter Fall 2004  


CJA Network Interview with Jazz Pianist Bill Carter  (Part Two)



CJA Network Newsletter September 2004

CJA Interview with Jazz Pianist Bill Carter Part One



CJA August Newsletter 2004

August CJA Newsletter Interview with Alex Acuna


 CJA Network July 2004 Newsletter Here


CJA June Newsletter Here

 Featured Interview 

  Todd Billingsley    Download  pdf

Read the CJA June Featured Article here:

   "A New Song"    Download  pdf


Featured Interview CJA Network Founder David Arivett

CJA May Newsletter

Read David's Arivett's CJA Network Interview Here!


CJA April Newsletter


CJA March Newsletter

Includes Keyboardist David Diggs Interview!



CJA February Newsletter



CJA January Newsletter


Included Jazz Pianist Chuck Marohnic Interview!


CJA December 2003 Newsletter

    CJA November 2003 Newsletter  

Includes Jazz Pianist Pat Coil Interview

  CJA September 2003 Newsletter   

Includes Saxophonist John Carlson Interview!

Our very first issue!!!!


CJA July 2003 Newsletter   pdf


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