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About Don and Gerald Arivett
The Race Car Buiders

     Don Arivett is an innovator of high performance race car technology. Several of his solutions to race engine performance problems have had a profound and everlasting effect within motorsports racing. Gerald Arivett considers himself a student of automotive aerodynamic technology. The rest of the Automotive Racing World, view his race cars as "The leading edge of aerodynamic technology".

     The Arivett Brothers have been building race cars since the existance of drag strips. Their recent creations appear like "black budget projects" that we see from the depths of the "skunk works", or some other secretive location. The big difference here is, that the Arivett Brothers creations were built with their own hard earned money, and its easy to find the shop.

     With Gerald's "think tank" approach to chassis and body configurations and Don's unbelivable "engineering genius" it's easy to see why their hand crafted creations have current "world record holders" shaking in their tracks. The Arivett's success in Motorsports is too long to mention here ,so the following pages will briefly describe some of their latest aerodynamic "works of art". Nutrition for the racing soul.

About Al Nimmo-team manager

     Al Nimmo, owner of performance techniques high performance turbo charging. A majority of motor sports have been stamped with his influence, short track stock cars, motorcycles, sports cars, off road, aircraft and boat racing. During his 30 year career Nimmo has been noted for his innovative solutions to racing problems. The Bros. chose Al Nimmo for team manager because Al's the kind of guy that gets the job done, quickly and with a high level of professionalism.

About C H Wheat-marketing

     C H brings to AGI a masterful fusion of championship racing skills and engineering know-how derived from the aerospace industry. Starting the the '50's, he won many dirt track and road racing AMA National events. At that time he initiated a career in aerospace that spanned two decades, working on missle projects such as the Titan, Minuteman and the world renowned Black Bird (SR71), while also achieving many victories in boat racing, including the World Championship at Long Beach, CA in the '60's. C H left aerospace to channel his total efforts into performance projects and race engines, winning the Baja 250, 500 and 1000, plus many other competitions. He is the owner of IMS products Inc., an international company that manufactures and sells products world wide.

About Kenny Hoover-driver

     In land speed racing few men have the driving portfolio of Kenny Hoover. Kenny has set over 25 El Mirage and Bonneville records through the years. Kenny says: 'I've been at this a long time but I feel I'm taking a step into the future by driving the Arivett Bros. streamliner.' In recent years he has been setting top speed in SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) meets for the Arivett Bros. in their conventionally powered Arivett Top Fueler.

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