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Jazz House Kids is a community-based arts organization with a mission to provide year-round musical, educational, and cultural programs to students in grades K-12, teachers, adults, and families from diverse backgrounds.

Internationally renowned jazz performers teach alongside our professional staff, offering students a wide range of creative programming that develops musical potential, enhances leadership skills, and strengthens academic performance.

The "Jazz House" provides the framework for students to cultivate the talent, discipline, skills and principles they need to play, sing, and appreciate America's original musical art form. Through music, mentoring and education, Jazz House Kids cultivates tomorrow�s global citizens so they may build vibrant communities where they live.

What is a Jazz House?

Quite simply, a Jazz House is the creative space where we come together with young people, their families and teachers to share, appreciate and learn about the jazz experience.

It is a mobile house, constantly in play, with wheels that turn on improvisation as it negotiates its way toward that incandescent goal: the celebration of jazz. It is a house whose foundation is built on:

  • Respect for creativity

  • Celebration for diversity

  • Harmony in teamwork

  • Love for self and others

  • An abiding passion to preserve the legacy, and ensure the future, of jazz.



Jazz House Kids - History

Jazz House Kids (JHK) is a community-based arts organization that provides year-round musical, educational, and cultural programs to students in grades K-12, teachers, adults, and families from diverse backgrounds. What started as a straightforward idea nearly 10 years ago for professional jazz vocalist and JHK founder Melissa Walker-to open the window for students to understand, appreciate, and apply jazz and its rich cultural and international legacy-has become a rich gathering place of musical talent and shared promise. In less than a decade, JHK has become a highly regarded New Jersey arts education and performance organization, fostering a strong community of award-winning students, dedicated teachers, and first-rate professional musicians. JHK is committed to closing the gap in music education in our schools and communities by using America's homegrown music - jazz - to cultivate tomorrow's responsible global citizens and community leaders.

JHK has created and tested programming and learning opportunities aimed at boosting achievement, providing enrichment for students from largely underperforming schools, and awakening the musical sensibilities of young and old students alike. JHK's 125 school-based programs have served more than 15,000 New Jersey public school students and over 1,200 teachers and administrators. In 2009, Walker's vision became reality, when JHK opened its "Jazz House" studio school in downtown Montclair to augment its robust in-school and out-of-school programming by providing year-round instruction for students of all ages and levels. The Jazz House now serves students from more than 10 counties and over 20 communities across New Jersey, and provides instruments and scholarship support for 34 percent of its student body.

Notable Strengths
JHK has developed award winning big bands and combos and many of our students continue their studies at some of the nation's leading colleges and conservatories. What sets JHK apart from other arts organizations is the unparalleled access students have to professional jazz musicians, some of whom are internationally acclaimed, ensuring that JHK students receive an authentic jazz education and are mentored by a host of extraordinary talent. While JHK supports and trains some of the region's most talented students, unique to our organization is the capacity to serve a diverse student body with varying needs and musical abilities through creative and thoughtful programming.

JHK's notable strengths include vibrant partnerships among public schools, area universities, local arts organizations, individual and institutional funders, and a community of celebrated jazz musicians and dedicated teaching artists who share their time and talents with students. Melissa Walker, Jazz House Kids founder and executive director, believes that every student deserves a great arts education and has crafted JHK to bridge the gap in music instruction in our schools and in our community. World-renowned bassist and educator Christian McBride serves as creative director and on the Jazz House Kids board. The organization also boasts a talented professional staff, a strong and motivated volunteer core, and a top-notch board of directors, whose members are personally supportive of and committed to Jazz House Kids' success.


Jazz Kittens




The Flying Jazz Kittens


This book/cd set is designed for the elementary music teacher to use in general music classes, grades K-3. No prior jazz experience is necessary. The activities in this book will introduce, encourage, and nurture the unique rhythmic feel of jazz to your youngest music students. Fun "kid friendly" blues songs provide opportunities to sing, play and create melodies and phrases in a jazzy style. All of the activities are flexible with many variations so that teachers and students can use what works best for them. The possibilities are endless!



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Blues For Kids


12 easy jazz pieces for beginning pianists, ranging from swing to boogie to salsa. The CD contains two mixes of each track. The first mix is for your listening pleasure. The second mix allows to practice both hands separately. All illustrations are printed in 4-color technique throughout the book. Also included are four coloring pages featuring enlarged versions of the appealing illustrations.


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Rollplay is a graduated, comprehensive method that integrates the information and skills essential to musical fluency. If you teach with this method your students will know their scales. Includes game book and three dice; one 12 sided (each with a diferent note of the chromatic scale), one 8 sided (each side represents a different scale type), and one 6 sided (provides infinite variations of the first 2 dice).

The book includes:

1. Scale syllabus
2. Six musical dice games of graduated difficulty
3. Step-by-step instructions
4. Chord-scale relationships, games for advanced technique, optional articulation exercises, tricks, tips, and hints for success.

After proficiency is achieved the concept can be indefinitely expanded to fit individual needs. It is appropriate for musicians of any level interested in cultivating advanced skill.

Bass and treble clef editions are available.

View Sample Pages:

Table Of Contents


Major Scales

Themes And Variations

 Jazz for Kids

Jazz It Up!

  • This collection features 10 songs by Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter, Australian music and jazz educators. K-8 students will sing, improvise and move to these jazzy tunes.
  • The songs use a variety of elements of jazz - call-response, scat singing, improvisation, rhythm and blues with accompaniments by Susie & Phil Splitter.
  • Activities are provided for each song at a variety of levels, so that the songs can be used for K-6.
  • The songs can be performed with the performance/accompaniment CD, or the students can play many of the accompaniments using the Orff arrangements that are given.
  • The collection includes reproducible vocals making this a very economical way to purchase vocal jazz music for your K-6 classroom or your elementary choir.


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Shake It Up

 Twelve songs to get students in pre-K to grade 5 moving and dancing to music. They’ll also be singing, playing instruments and improvising in a variety of styles. Activities are provided for each song at a variety of levels, so that the songs can be used for the very young, but be appealing and engaging for older students as well. Orff arrangements are included for some of the songs. The collection includes a CD with performances of all the songs, and accompaniments for most.




$ 25.00

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Jazz Cats Recorder Song Book


Brad Keller & Bonnie Rossa


  • Beginning Jazz For The Recorder


  • Accompaniment CD Included

Each song focuses on a different style of jazz...from Dixieland to contemporary!

Titles include:

  • Dizzy's Bag 

  • Bossa Cat

  • Simba Cat

  • Dixie Cat

  • Winka Cat

  • Cat Walk


Baby Loves Jazz

click here for a preview


Miles is the leader of the band that's made for you and me. in this adventure he leads kids and parents through song and verse as he helps breakdown the colors of the rainbow. Attached CD comes with the book and features the baby loves jazz band teaching lessons on colors.


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Ella elephant is joined by otis the cat as she teaches the world how to skat (like that!). starring sharon jones the attached cd teaches kids (and parents) the basics on skatting (and singing!).

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It's a cold rainy day in the zoo and the animals are bored. so they call duck ellington who flys in with his piano and creates a jazz-jam that chases the clouds away and gets all the animals dancing. attached cd is the soundtrack to this rainy day adventure.


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Charlie Bird stays perched high up in his tree and counts to the beat of life around him with help from his saxophone and the friends in his neighborhood. attached cd teaches jazz and counting in a fun-filled sonic adventure.


                  Baby Loves Jazz CD Recording!


Hear Audio Samples here 

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 Song Titles

  Baby Loves Jazz Theme
  If You're Happy And You Know It
  The Trumpet
  I've Been Working On The Railroad
  Old MacDonald
  The Piano
  Paw Paw Patch
  The Drums
  Ten Little Monkeys
  The Wheels On The Bus
  The Saxophone
  Scat Song
  Go Baby Go
  The Bass
  You Are My Sunshine
  Banana Boat Song (Day-O)


Baby Loves Jazz  

Sharon Jones  Vocal
Babi Floyd  Vocal
Steven Bernstein  Trumpet
Briggan Krauss  Saxophone
John Medeski  Keyboards
Brad Jones (1, 5, 7-8, 10, 17, 18) Bass
Lonnie Plaxico (2-4, 12-16) Bass
Ben Perowsky  Drums


Created by music industry veteran Andy Blackman Hurwitz, Baby Loves Music began as a way for parents to introduce their children to different genres without dumbing down the content or presentation; it’s real music played by real musicians. After the success of Hurwitz’s Baby Loves Disco parties (the country’s best DJs spinning real dance music in clubs across the nation for kids and parents), he expanded his idea to include Baby Loves Hip Hop (a forthcoming CD being produced by Prince Paul) as well as Baby Loves Salsa (featuring the Spanish Harlem Orchestra).

"Go Baby Go", which was produced by Hurwitz and Bernstein, features a number of children’s favorite songs interpreted in a variety of jazz styles. For instance, the opening number - “If You’re Happy and You Know It” - is re-imagined with a N’awlins vibe and some of the words changed to reflect the project: “If you’re happy and you know it play those drums! If you’re happy and you know it, the beats will really show it…” It’s a disc both kids and parents will love.

The album also features an unforgettable rendition of “Ten Little Monkeys” and takes “The Wheels on the Bus” on a funky trip. “Old MacDonald” is no longer a farmer here – he’s a bandleader, and the song takes stock of all the musicians in his group (“Old MacDonald had a band…”). Other songs on Go Baby Go include “I’ve Been Working on the Rail Road,” “Scat Song,” “Banana Boat Song,” and originals such as the title track. This upbeat and engaging record also includes brief interludes introducing kids to the different instruments used in jazz, such as the bass, the saxophone, and the trumpet.

Go Baby Go is sequenced to play through so that kids will be ready to go to sleep as the album winds down. The last three songs were specifically envisioned for bedtime – the trilogy of “You Are My Sunshine,” “Banana Boat Song,” and “Lullabye” is perfect for soothing tots to sleep.

Bernstein and Hurwitz called in a number of serious jazz cats to record this project. The sassy Sharon Jones and the versatile Babi Floyd (Rolling Stones, Steely Dan) trade off on vocals, backed by Bernstein on trumpet, Briggan Krauss (Sex Mob) on saxophone, Medeski on keyboards, Ben Perowsky (Dave Douglas, John Zorn) on drums, and Brad Jones (Marc Ribot, Jazz Passengers) and Lonnie Plaxico (Dizzy Gillespie, Cassandra Wilson) on bass.

This all-star band will be going on the road this fall playing the music of Go Baby Go at Baby Loves Jazz concerts across the US. The group will be making its debut performance at the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival in September.Verve’s Baby Loves Jazz CD will be released in conjunction with the launch of four titles in the new Baby Loves Jazz book series from Price Stern Sloan, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group. The titles feature a lovable cast of familiar characters and are the perfect tool for introducing young ones to the many different aspects of jazz. Whether it is the tinkling of the piano keys, the soothing sound of the sax, the excitement of the trumpet, or the skippity-bee-bop of scat, these books subtly teach children their numbers and colors while also introducing the sounds of jazz by using words, pictures, and music from the featured CD in each book.

In addition to the CD and books, Baby Loves Jazz will also be featured in a series of short animated segments on the Cartoon Network beginning in the fall.

Go Baby Go!

This is the lead off track from the baby loves jazz band's debut recording - Go Baby Go, out august 1st on verve records. the song features Sharon Jones on vocals; John Medeski on keyboards; Steven Bernstein on trumpet and many more.






Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz CD

Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz introduces children and adults to jazz in a fun, fresh, and wonderful way. Featuring vocalists Richie Havens and Miles Griffith, along with a stellar ensemble of veteran jazz musicians, traditional children's songs are transformed into music that everybody can bebop to.

"Jazz is about joyfully expressing oneself...everyone can participate. That's the beauty of jazz. Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz is my way of sharing jazz with everybody." - Hayes Greenfield

 Check out the videos and the wonderful jazz ed for kids program here!

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               JazzKids makes learning the piano and improvisation fun!                

JazzKids®, created by Berklee College of Music graduate Willie Myette, creates method books that show beginning improvisers how to improvise at the piano. Our books are designed to be used in conjunction with other reading curriculum like Alfred's Piano Course.

Even if you have never improvised before, JazzKids makes it easy to learn. The step-by-step instruction and jam-with-the-band tracks on the CD make learning how to improvise fun and easy.

Not that interested in Jazz? Well, guess what, JazzKids now features many different styles of music including Jazz, Blues, Pop, Latin, Rock and Klezmer! You can learn how to improvise over these different styles while learning how to read and translate those pesky chord symbols into a full arrangement.

JazzKids has been used with students around the world for the past decade. Click on a book below to see why people choose JazzKids to learn Jazz and improvisation.

How Does JazzKids Encourage Improvisaton?

  • Rhythm - rhythm is key to successful improvisation because without an interesting rhythm, your improvisation will sound "flat". JazzKids creates a strong rhythmic foundation by teaching students how to read and vocalize rhythms. This is important because if you can "sing" a rhythm, you can play it. Students will then utilize the rhythms that they have been practicing in their own improvisation and compositions.

  • Ear Training - it is important to really hear music to be able to improvise. The ear training exercises teach students to discern small differences in rhythm and melody which in turn helps them to listen critically while improvising.

  • The Song - the JazzKids pieces are really fun to play. More important, they have been designed to allow a lot of possibility for the student to change what has been written. Often, students learning the JazzKids pieces, will change a note here or there. Sometimes they'll create their own composition or a "spin off" using the piece as a "spring board".

  • Improvisation Exercises - these exercises give students a positive experience in improvisation. A lot of times, when learning to improvise, students are handed a scale and told, "Now improvise." Unfortunately, this works for only a few students. Most of us need further direction and coaching. JazzKids provides this by not only teaching the scales for improvisation, but also by giving written examples and fun play-a-long tracks.



Books One-Two-Three-Four w/CDs

Get the entire JazzKids series for one great price! You end up saving over 20% off the retail price!
(more info)


Price : $50

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Book One with CD

Book One is perfect for the beginning student. The key to this book and the JazzKids program as a whole is the integration of important musical concepts with really fun pieces. Book One is divided into six units with four sub-units.
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Price : $14.95

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Book Two with CD

Book Two continues where Book One left off, but now shows students how to accompany their own improvisation. The two-handed rhythms and ear-training exercises will improve your students sight-reading abilities too!
(more info)


Price : $14.95

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Book Three with CD

Book Three introduces new styles of music. There is a Klezmer two-beat feel, a pop ballad and a 12-bar blues to boot! The seamless integration of rhythm, ear training and improvisation makes learning how to improvise a joy rather than a chore.
(more info)


Price : $14.95

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Book Four with CD

Book Four continues teaching new styles and how to read lead sheets. Ever wondered what to do with those chord symbols above the melody? Well, Book Four shows you how! You'll learn Rock and Salsa styles and even create your own montuno.
(more info)


Price : $14.95

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More Adventures in Jazz [w/CD]

More Adventures in Jazz is perfect for intermediate to advanced students looking to improve their jazz skills. MAJ is challenging to read and contains 12-bar blues bass lines and complex chord structures.
CD Included  (more info)


Price : $14.95

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Jazz Path

Look Inside! View examples of Sing After Me and hear excerpts from the 20 track sing-a-long CD!

About the Author

Brian J. Kane attended the Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship, graduated magna cum laude in 1995, and later received an M.S.M. from Bridgewater State College. Brian is an active musician performing in jazz groups, rock and popular bands, and commercial recording. Also a dedicated music educator, Brian has taught classroom music in both public and private schools for over 10 years and given over 10,000 private lessons on saxophone. He has developed innovative teaching techniques for jazz styles, sight reading, and melodic improvisational concepts.

Sing After Me contains ten fantastically funny, unusually useful, amazingly adaptive, excellent echo songs to help students learn to sing with practically perfect pitch and deliberately delightful diction. The book includes a sing-a-long and demonstration CD, reproducible student worksheets, and movement, art, and language activities for each song and simple piano accompaniment. Ages 6-13


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Look Inside! View examples of Singing Tongue Twisters and hear excerpts from the 50 track sing-a-long CD.


Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z contains 50 fun filled wacky warm-ups to improve pronunciation, vocal range, and technique.  Perfect for teachers and kids, this fun sing-a-long book contains singing tongue twisters of variable difficulty levels, read-a-long worksheets, and a 50 track sing-a-long CD.  Singing Tongue Twisters is an excellent warm-up tool for choral groups and a fun practice workbook for individual singers.  80 pages with CD


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Choral and Music teachers say..

"I start every rehearsal by Singing Tongue Twisters for a 5 minute warm-up. My groups work on diction, intonation, and range and have fun doing it."

Classroom Teachers Say..

"This book is great for practicing letters and letter combinations. Even though I can't sing, my students love singing along with the CD."



                On the Road Cover

                        Vocalese Cover

                        Everybody's Boppin' Cover

Jazz for Kids - On the RoadOn the Road Cover

Many great songs have been written about the places in America where we live, visit, and learn about. In this album, we will take you to some of these great states through traditional jazz standards, while we pay tribute to some of the places where jazz originated and to one of the great jazz poets and author of On The Road, Jack Kerouac. Join us as we travel Route 66 from Chicago to LA and get away from it all. Let's ride on the A Train up New York's West Side and then go over to New Jersey to do the Jersey Bounce. Then we'll go down South to Georgia, Alabama's Tuxedo Junction, and finally New Orleans, birthplace of Louis Armstrong where we'll hang out on Basin Street and listen to New Orleans style jazz. The Young Beboppers, ages five to sixteen, had a great time singing these songs as did the musicians who played them. As a special added bonus, I have included a second CD, Lisa Yves — Solo On the Road so I could share with you some of my travels from East to West and back again.
—Lisa Yves, Producer

Recorded at Pete's Basement Studio in Boston, Jazz for Kids - On the Road features Brad Hatfield on piano and organ, John Wilkins on guitar, Marshall Wood on bass, Dave Buda on bass, Jim Gwin on drums and Mike Monaghan on woodwinds. Vocals by Yves and the Young Beboppers, featuring: Laura Winner, Dagny Winner, Leah Fine, Sarah Konowitz, Emily Snidman, Abby Kobrin, Alex Worgaftik, Zoe Schwartz, Scott Tanzer, Emily Van Hanswyk, Rebecca Levenson, Juliette Rando, Monica Degiorgio, Marissa Edwards, Samantha Frers, Amanda Rosenthal.

On the Road Back CoverSong Samples
1. Hit That Jive, Jack
2. Let's Get Away From it All
3. Route 66
4. Sing and Swing
5. Georgia
6. Jersey Bounce
7. Take the A Train
8. Basin Street Blues
9. Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans
10. Kansas City Blues
11. Tuxedo Junction
12. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
13. Snow, Snow, Snow


To purchase this CD

Send a check for $15 to:
Jazz for Kids
PO Box 762
South Easton, MA 02375
Please include your name and shipping address with your order.

Jazz for Kids - VocaleseVocalese Cover

In continuing my work with kids and Jazz, I have completed this album that celebrates vocalese which is the art of putting lyrics to jazz solos. We sing lyrics by Eddie Jefferson, Jon Hendricks, King Pleasure and me to great solos by saxophonists, Lester Young and Charlie Parker; Pianists Horace Silver and Thelonious Monk; and Trumpet Player, Clifford Brown. The lyrics help us grab onto these great solos and for just a few moments we get to absorb some of the genius of the greatest jazz musicians who ever lived. We also pay tribute to great vocalists Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae and Eddie Jefferson. I have included the lyrics to all the songs on this album so you too can try to sing along and be a part of Jazz for Kids. I have also included a short profile of some of the musicians we sing about. I encourage you to listen to recordings of these musicians. They are the foundation for Jazz for Kids.
—Lisa Yves, Producer

Recorded at Pete's Basement Studio in Boston, Jazz for Kids - Vocalese features Brad Hatfield on piano, Marshall Wood on bass, Jim Gwin on drums, Mike Monaghan on woodwinds and Ken Cervenka on trumpet. Vocals by Yves and the Young Beboppers, featuring: Leah Fine, Sarah Konowitz, Emily Snidman, Lindsay Opper, Abby Kobrin, Rachel Konowitz, Alex Worgaftik, Zoe Schwartz, Andrea Hanssen, Hayley Katz, Jill Breitner, Ashley Tabroff, Alexa Madloff, Chelsea Vantine-Kelley. Additional vocal effects by Laura and Dagny Winner.

Vocalese Back CoverSong Samples
1. Swing Baby Swing
2. Now's the Time
3. I Like Rhythm/I've Got the Blues
4. The Ballad of Thelonious Monk
5. Listen to Monk
6. Swing a Song of Sixpence
7. I Remember Clifford/Joy Spring
8. Sometimes I'm Happy
9. Sister Sadie
10. Song for my Father
11. Four Brothers
12.A Million Dollar Baby
13. The Frim Fram Sauce

Send a check for $15 to:
Jazz for Kids
PO Box 762
South Easton, MA 02375
Please include your name and shipping address with your order.

Jazz for Kids - Everybody's Boppin'Everybody's Boppin' Cover

Jazz for Kids features Yves singing with her own students, whose regular lessons prepared them for the rigors of recording. They tackle some classic jazz tunes including Twisted (Annie Ross/Wardel Gray), Cute (Neal Hefti/Stanley Styne), In a Mellow Tone (Duke Ellington) and many others totaling 18 songs.

Recorded at Pete's Basement Studio in Boston, where many jazz recordings have been made, Jazz for Kids features Brad Hatfield on piano, Marshall Wood on bass, Jim Gwin on drums, Mike Monaghan on woodwinds and Ken Cervenka on trumpet in addition to Yves and a group of her best students ranging in age from 8 to 14.

Check out the reviews on Jazz for Kids - Everybody's Boppin'

Check out the fan site for Jazz for Kids

Everybody's Boppin' Back CoverSong Samples
1. Sing, Sing, Sing
2. Bird and Diz
3. Be-Bop Lives
4. Everybody's Boppin'
5. Alphabet Scat
6. In a Mellow Tone
7. (Hey) Daddy
8. The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines
9. I'm Beboppin' Too
10. Colors of the Blues
11. Straighten Up and Fly Right
12. Counting to Ten

To purchase this CD

Send a check for $15 to:
Jazz for Kids
PO Box 762
South Easton, MA 02375
Please include your name and shipping address with your order.

Email: lisawinner@comcast.net

For more information or to order in Europe please visit: CSMPRO

KINDERJAZZ offers the most natural music tuition you could find. Parents realise that music tuition starts before we ever pick up an instrument or even start singing. We have no less than five children's CD's which expose your child to music.

Each child CD is unique and offers a huge variety of rhythms, instruments, key signatures and more. We say music tuition because your children will be educated merely by listening to the different rhythms and sounds. Their brains will be able to download the sounds of each instrument and while having fun, they will grow memory sticks in their brain for each CD.

This brain growth will be with them for the rest of their lives. Music has been proven the best way to encourage learning in children as it has an emotional component. Regardless of one's intellect, they will be able to absorb it fully through their emotions.

Our children's CDs don't just target children who learn visually. KINDERJAZZ is music tuition via all the senses because children learn through all their senses.

Each CD is specially written to give children the best foundation for learning an instrument or using their voice. They will be downloading the highest quality music into their brains.

Recorded Live by the World's Only "Big JAZZ Band" for Kids,
Recommended by Sesame Street!

Whether you're looking for ways to stimulate a developing young mind, you'd like to introduce children to the pleasures of music, or you just want your kids to have FUN, you'll find our collection of blues, latin, ragtime, jazz, and swing music is perfect for girls AND boys under the age of 12.

Our one-of-a-kind swing band for children has performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the world (including the Sydney Opera House), and our recorded music is specifically written to engage young children while simultaneously appealing to adults of all ages!   Totally entertaining for your kids.


                          THE ONE FOR ME                                                                                                                                          KINDERJAZZ

Jam packed full of Latin and swing numbers everyone in the family can dance to.

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A dance till you drop album - 19 songs including George yodelling!  If you like a country flavor you'll love Cowboy George and Beans for Breakfast

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Our self titled first CD, recorded in 1997, is based on the swing sounds of the 30’s & 40’s.

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Kinderjazz cooks up a variety of rhythmic adventures for the young listener in our 5th CD Gazooba - blues, latin, ragtime, swing and ballad.  

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‘Swing Right Through This Town’, our 3rd CD was recorded live in 1999. It features a 21 piece big band, that literally rockets into the 21st Century. Our best seller ever!  

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‘Latino Bambino’, our 2nd CD, recorded in 1998, is rhythm based, linked to the jazz styles of Latin America - rhumbas, tangos, bossa novas, cha-cha’s and beguine.

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All Of Our CDs Come With a Full Moneyback Guarantee
and Are Shipped Directly To You The Same Day!"




We support and contribute to Heifer International!

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