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Tony Monaco

.. one "BAD" Organist & "Paisan"
~ Jimmy Smith

...Tony's got it goin on! ...He's hittin it!... He's heading in the right direction!
~ Jimmy McGriff

...Tony plays the Hammond B3 organ in the style that flows in the traditional. He plays with enthusiasm and a passion for his art.
~ Dr. Lonnie Smith

Tony has great instructional Videos/DVD's for learning how to play all the great Hammond B-3 Organ licks!

Tony Monaco has created a series of DVDs to help musicians learn the art of the incredible Hammond B-3 Organ.

That's right, the Hammond organ. That incomparable purr, growl, roar, and squeal. That transcendent pad behind an acoustic guitar. That full-afterburner smear up the keyboard with all the drawbars pulled out and the Leslies spooling up. That funky, soulful percussive growl that just oozes with chicken grease and brings to mind a trio of hot cats cookin' in a small jazz club. The plaintive wail of gospel playing that gets you on your knees.

Playing Jazz Hammond Parts 1 and 2

Playing Jazz Hammond Part 4

Playing Jazz Hammond Part 5

"Tribute to the Master," Tony Monaco Trio Live DVD


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"Tony Monaco to me, represents the finest in what Jazz played on the Hammond organ has to offer. His great feel along with superb technique really allows one to know what a incredible player he is." Joey DeFrancesco



Barbara Dennerlein

Barbara Dennerlein is one phenomenal B-3 player! She is a woman with great chops, great musicianship, and great compositions!!

She alternately strolls and sprints through more vividly contrasting episodes than many jazz organists traverse in a lifetime... Her solos avoid patent "Smithian" effects: Instead, she thinks like a horn player, preferring coherent long lines to stuttering single-key repetitions or gimmicky sustained high notes. Then there's those feet. Simply put, Dennerlein has astonishing bass pedal chops. Not only does she step nimbly through rapid tempos, she even takes pedal solos -.....a foot bass extemporization that would do Stanley Clarke proud. And listen to Dennerlein's left hand: Unlike those organists whose proclamations of pedal-pushing virtuosity are less than candid, Dennerlein does not cheat by sneaking bass lines onto the organ's lower manual. At the speediest clip, she can simultaneously solo, comp, and walk that bass with remarkable precision."    (Keyboard Magazine)

Over the years she has recorded and performed with exceptional musical personalities such as Don Alias, Ray Anderson, Bob Berg, Randy Brecker, Dennis Chambers, Thomas Chapin, Roy Hargrove, Howard Johnson, Frank Lacy, Joe Locke, David Murray, Tony Reedus, David Sanchez, Andy Sheppard, Mitch Watkins, Friedrich Gulda and Joe Zawinul among many others.

Below are two great books for organists...one is a compilation of transcriptions of favorites from Barbara's many recordings! The other book  and companion CD illustrate how you can still swing and jazz it up on a church organ-even on a big pipe organ!

 Hear Barbara's arrangement of the Rolling Stones  "Satisfaction"



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      Best of Barbara Dennerlein

  • A compilation of ten Dennerlein favorites from various CDs are presented as sheet music. The book is divided into two sections: the lead sheets and the full scores.

  • A book for the more experienced jazz organ player written by one of the best European jazz organ players.


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Spiritual Movement No. 1

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For more information about Barbara visit her website



Spiritual Movement No. 1 

  • Eight of Dennerlein's compositions for church organ are collected in this issue of sheet music. The scores represent exactly what you can hear on the corresponding CD.
    For organists who are new to the world of jazz this book is a good way to adopt the swinging mood, the jazzy harmonies which are surely unusual to them. Being experienced with the pedal playing, church organ players should not have big problems with the bass lines of Dennerlein's compositions.
    On the other hand, organists who have already entered the jazz world can obtain many ideas by this book - harmonic suites, forms of bass lines, rhythmic figures.                                        

 Mp3 Audio Excerpts

Rankett Blues             Waltzing Pipes


Watch and hear Barbara in action!




  • A book full of compositional ideas for the jazz organ beginner as well as for experienced players.

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This is the amazing new video by one of the the greatest Hammond B-3 players ever:.. Brian Auger.  2001 Grammy Nominee Brian Auger began his career playing jazz in London in the early '60's just as the rock explosion began. He soon found himself in the middle of the British Invasion whirlwind, play with Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, John McGlaughlin, Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Julie Driscoll. As a true pioneer of early Jazz-Fusion, Brian founded the Oblivion Express which is still creating innovations where jazz, blues, rock, and rhythm meet. He was nominated for a Grammy award in 2001 for his work with Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers, and Tony McAlpine.

Primarily an instructional video, this DVD also includes several performance clips of Brian and The Oblivion Express, as well as some great personal insights and reflection on Brian's career.

The video's host is Leo Bynum, a student, friend, and long-time fan of Brian's. As a keyboard player himself, Leo directed and produced this video with a student's eye. The content is geared to novice through advanced players with Brian walking you through entire tunes chord-by-chord as well as revealing the secrets to many of his most amazing monster licks. There are overhead cameras for keyboard close-ups on all segments.

Discover new insight in chord theory, soloing, and comping from the jazz/rock keyboard master himself, Brian Auger. Watch Brian's wizardry from directly above the keyboard as he takes us note-by-note from the blues through jazz/rock fusion. This 2 hour video delivers insight and instruction to help you break into a new level of chording and soloing.

Often called the Grand Master of the Hammond B-3, Brian gives a grand tour of the instrument, including his personal settings. This video combines footage of live performances with a one-on-one interview, explanation, demo of the material. From jazz and blues basics to two-five-one harmony and Brian's most noted tunes, this video delivers a guided tour of Brian's mastery and music.

        Tunes covered in this video:

  • Blues in F

  • Straight Ahead

  • Brain Damage

  • Whenever You're Ready

  • Victor's Delight

  • Blue Note Shuffle

  • Indian Rope Man

  • Plus other Auger Classics and Jazz Standards

    Only $49.95!

    To purchase Brian's DVD visit here!

Joey DeFranseco

This book by renowned young Hammond B-3 organist Joey DeFrancesco encompasses blues and bebop lines and progressions. It includes: music examples for practice and study; examples and lines in all 12 keys; transcriptions and improvisations with harmonic analysis for two tunes; and Joey playing the examples in different tempos on the CD, with and without the right hand.

$ 19.95

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Check out Joey D.'s Web Site!



Mark Vail

Vail's work should be at the head of any list of essential resources for owners and aficionados of the Hammond organ. —Popular Culture in Libraries


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The music of Jimmy Smith, Booker T. Jones, Gregg Allman, Billy Preston, Jon Lord, Sly Stone, and so many others ignites with the unmistakable purrs, growls, and screams of the Hammond B-3 organ. In fact, the B-3 has been grinding its way through gospel, R&B, rock, blues, and jazz since 1954-and even today, young artists continue to invent new ways of featuring it in their music.

Now fully updated, The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B traces the technological and artistic evolution of the B-3 and other tonewheel organs, as well as the whirling Leslie speakers that catapulted the Hammond sound into history. You'll discover the genius that went into the development of Hammond's tonewheel generator, drawbar harmonics, percussion, scanner vibrato, and other innovations, as well as the incredible assistance Don Leslie provided for Hammond by creating his famous rotating speaker system. Plus-B-3 legends including soul-jazzman Jimmy McGriff and progressive rocker Keith Emerson share their playing techniques; technical experts offer tips on buying, restoring, and maintaining Hammonds and Leslies; and over 200 photos illustrate historic Hammond organs, Leslie cabinets, and B-3 masters at work.

This second edition includes:

  • Hands-on Master Classes--complete with full music notation--with some of the most talented young Hammond players on the planet: Joey DeFrancesco, Mike Eppley, Larry Goldings, and Tony Zamagni, conducted by Keyboard Senior Associate Editor Ernie Rideout.
  • The renowned "25 Hammond Licks You Must Know" by Dave Amels
  • Additional performance tips from masters such as Tom Coster, John Medeski, Rosemary Bailey, Paul Shaffer, and Rod Argent
  • How to use your Hammond as a defensive weapon, as told by the incomparable Moe Denham
  • Details and illustrations showing the best ways to mic a Leslie cabinet
  • A comprehensive overview of B-3 "wannabes" and Leslie simulators
  • An updated discography spotlighting the Hammond greats.

 $29.95   "Buy Now    $29.95

David Cohen

The Hammond organ, especially the B-3 combined with the Leslie speaker, has long been an integral part of modern popular music.You can hear the "classic" sound of the Hammond organ in blues, gospel, jazz, rock, and even on some contemporary singer/songwriter songs (try to picture Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" or Procol Harem's "Whiter Shade of Pale" without that distinctive sound). Sometimes the organ is used as "padding," providing background textures using only its sustain capabilities, and at other times it takes a more prominent role as a lead instrument. We're proud to present the first lesson to teach the organ as a blues and rock instrument for learning players. David Cohen starts with the basics, detailing all the parts of the Hammond B-3 and showing how to get the unique sounds associated with this instrument using presets, drawbars, percussion tablets, vibrato switch, volume pedal and other devices. Then it's into the playing! David covers some of the! most important licks and grooves you'll need to get out and play in a band. His love of the instrument comes across as he teaches riffs, blues scales, chord changes, and many of the specific musical tricks that work only on organ. Each tune is illustrated by a top New York rock band to give you a feeling for how it should be performed. You'll learn to play a fast shuffle in C; a funk tune in E; a medium-tempo shuffle in A (with a Jimmy Smith riff); the all-important slow blues in G; and a funk rhythm with a G minor to C (I - IV) groove. In each of these pieces, you'll learn how to improvise solos, use licks and fills, play a variety of bass lines, and become an integral part of a rockin' blues band.


$29.95  Buy Now  $29.95

Diversi Organs

All The Tone Without The Wheels!

DV-Duo Plus ...

The DV-Duo Plus is a full sized console organ with 4 sets of drawbars. Everything is there that you need without menus and features you most likely won't use. With our all NEW Tonewheel Clone Modeling technology you will hear an exact clone of vintage tonewheel organ. Matter of fact we even include 5 onboard cloned tonewheel organs to choose from. With Pre Amplification by Motion Sound®, 2 XLR outs, 2 1/4in outs, 2 1/4in inputs, 11 pin standard connector, transpose and SpectraSound™, the best rotary speaker simulation its easy to play. Plug it in, connect it to a speaker system, turn it on and play.

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“These organs are incredible!”, says Jazz Organist Joey DeFrancesco. “The first time I heard it I couldn’t believe the authenticity of the sound, and I was really knocked out by the SpectraSound rotary simulation. After playing both the DV-Solo and DV-Duo proto-types, I was so impressed I asked if I could buy into the company. I really feel that these instruments will change how both live performances and recordings are done.”

Joey DeFranseco



The DV-Duo is a full 2 61 note keyboard organ with 4 sets of real drawbars. Everything is there that you need without menus and features you most likely won't use. With our all NEW Tonewheel Clone Modeling technology you will hear an exact clone of vintage tonewheel organ. Matter of fact we even include 5 onboard cloned tonewheel organs to choose from. With Pre Amplification by Motion Sound®, 2 XLR outs, 2 1/4in outs, 2 1/4in inputs, 11 pin standard connector, transpose and SpectraSound™, the best rotary speaker simulation its easy to play. Plug it in, connect it to a speaker system, turn it on and play.

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I am excited about the quality and affordability of the Diversi. The sound and feel are true to the B3 essence. I understand the powerful impact a product of this magnitude will have on the Gospel Music industry and the Gospel community. The Diversi is a jewel!"

Matthew Kelly



The DV-Solo single keyboard portable uses our all NEW Tonewheel Clone Modeling technology. You will hear an exact clone of vintage tonewheel organ. Matter of fact we even include 5 onboard cloned tonewheel organs to choose from. With Pre Amplification by Motion Sound®, 2 XLR outs, 2 1/4in outs, 2 1/4in inputs, 11 pin standard connector, transpose and SpectraSound™, the best rotary speaker simulation its easy to play. Plug it in, connect it to a speaker system, turn it on and play.

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"The Diversi is an extremely powerful and full-featured drawbar organ that will satisfy the expressive needs of anyone seeking the vintage Hammond Sound."

Dave Limina


Much more information at:


Hear the amazing demos here!


       About The Author  
__Gospel organist PJ Morgan is not only a producer, arranger, and master musician but has played for almost everyone in the gospel and inspirational field. Some of the artists and celebrities he has worked with include such notables artists and celebrities are Donnie McClurkin, Ann McCray, Kim McFarland, Paul Morton, Najee, Dorothy Norwood, Lashun Pace, Ben Tankard, Albertina Walker, Nancy Wilson, CeCe Winans, Daniel Winans, Vicky Winans, Kirk Carr, The Promise Keepers, Cajhreele. Robert Towsend, Yolanda Adams, Carmen, Al Green, President Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson, Bobby Jones, and Tri-City Singers. In addition, PJ was the organist for the Bobby Jones Gospel hour on BET for many years. Currently the music director of Reed Temple in Washington, D.C., PJ continues to set the standard for gospel music.

During the past 50 years, the Hammond B3 Organ has been and continues to be the keyboard instrument of choice for some of the greatest names in music. Understanding the complexities and intricacies of this amazing instrument also has been and continues to be an intimidating challenge for many. Join two of the greatest B3 keyboardists of all time, Tim Carmon and PJ Morgan, as they demystify how the drawbars work.  Starting with the functionality of the drawbars and other controls of the organ, Tim and PJ demonstrate how different settings of the drawbars and other controls can give you countless tonal qualities and endless shades of dynamic colors in shaping your music. In addition, Tim walks you through the Native Instruments B4 II software that emulates the classic Hammond B3.  The B4 II is updated with a new improved interface and more authentic sound. This award winning virtual organ’s attention to detail (including the B3 drawbars, vibrato, chorus, tube distortion and rotary speaker cabinet) makes it a versatile and expressive tool that surprises even the most experienced B3 players.


- History of Hammond Organ & Drawbars
- Understanding Drawbar Settings & Creating Tone
- Overview of Organ Controls & Settings
- Playing Chords and Full Chords
- Finger Bass & Bass Pedals
- Settings for Different Musical Genres
- Settings for Playing in a Band or Soloing
- Tim’s Personal Tips & Favorite Settings
- PJ’s Personal Tips & Favorite Settings
- B4 II - Manual and Organ Views
- B4 II - Stand Alone Mode or Plug-in
- B4 II - Preset Manager & Rig Control
- B4 II - Selection of Tonewheels


Running Time: 1h 45m





Dave Limina

The secret to creating funky sizzles and classic Hammond sounds is mastering the combined use of the drawbars, expression pedal, and the Leslie speaker speed switch. Sound intimidating? It doesn't have to be! This hands-on guide takes you step-by-step through the techniques of playing the drawbar organ, one skill at a time. You'll learn to: play gospel, R&B, jazz, blues, funk and rock; achieve fantastic special effects; understand all the parts of the organ and how to use them; and much more. The accompanying CD includes 21 exercises, plus performance demos of 8 songs, with minus-organ versions so you can jam along! A fantastic introduction to all aspects of playing the B3 organ.

"The fatness of the Hammond sound is unique and it has been more popular than ever. This book presents in three parts (instrument, exercises and tunes) all you need to know about the instrument. The exercises help develop all your Hammond chops to fully express yourself on a variety of styles. There are simple and effective. The CD lets you hear and play all the exercises and tunes. It’s a great book for producers and keyboard players to get deep in the Hammond organ. As the author writes in the introduction: “Whether you’re laying down a background track on a rock tune or leading a jazz organ trio, having Hammond chops will make you a more powerful and in-demand keyboard player.”"

Written by Dave Limina. Instructional book and examples CD for drawbar organ. With standard notation, chord names, illustrations, instructional text, instructional photos and introductory text. 122 pages. Published by Berklee Press Publications.

$24.95   Buy Now   $24.95

More info on Dave here:



Kenny Craddock


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Welcome to Deep Fried Hammond by seasoned session player, who needs no introduction, Kenny Craddock (Van Morrison, Gerry Rafferty, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Gus Dudgeon and more). In this 2 CD set (1 audio CD, 1 WAV CD-ROM), you will find Hammond performances complete with all of the incidental colour and character that make the instrument come alive. There's blips, scoops, eccentric glisses, leslie and drawbar changes, grunges- in fact a whole range of performance aids to add the reality and soul of live performance to you compositions. Whatever kind of music you make, these samples will always cut through the mix and add the unique colour and energy only the Hammond organ can bring.

Deep Fried Hammond Demo   


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B-3 Player Magazine


Musik Messe 2006, Tony Monaco, Scott Hawthorn, Europa, Joey DeFrancesco          NAMM 2006, Red Young, Tony Monaco, Scott Hawthorn, B4 II          Jimmy Smith, Steve Winwood, Tony Monaco


B3 Player Magazine is a bi-monthly (one issue every-other-month) eSubscription magazine. There are six issues per year. Learn everything you need to know about playing the Hammond B-3. Transcriptions, audio samples, midi files, interviews, and much more!


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Doodlin' Lounge

Killer Hammond B-3 Organ site! Videos, CD's, podcasts and more!




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