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The True Language Of Jazz  (David Arivett)

Why Is Jazz Music A Dirty Word?  (David Arivett)

Jazz Music Is Ecstatic Language  (David Arivett)

If Playing Jazz Is Playin' Wrong Notes - I Dont Wanna' Be Right! (David Arivett)

Observations On Jazz  (George Duke)

Views On The History And Definition Of Jazz

Jazz Rock (By Rick Calic, March 2006)
With contributions from: Billy Cobham , Peter Erskine , Adam Holzman
Richard Kolp , Dave Liebman, John McLaughlin)

Blues In The Night

Community Jazz  (Sean O'Bryan Smith)

The Function Of The Jazz Musician: More Esoterics

From Chart To Reality: The Editorial Role Of The Pianist In A Big Band Setting

Rhythm: The Music Of The Spheres

Transcribing Solos

Ten Most Common Mistakes That Jazz Band Directors Make

Latin Jazz Articles

Articles by Bobby Ramirez

What is Latin Jazz?

The Changing Face Of Latin Jazz

Learning The Universal Language
of Latin Music (Part 2)

History Of Latin Jazz Bibliography

Other Articles on Jazz & Spirituality