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Here is a list of relevant articles about  the connection between God, creativity, jazz, and spirituality, as well as using jazz in church for evangelism, worship, and personal enjoyment.

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(Articles written by Pianist/Composer & CJA Network Founder David Arivett)

The True Language Of Jazz

Jazz Music Is Ecstatic Language

Why Is Jazz Music A Dirty Word?  

Celebrate And Be Jazzed!

What Is A Christian Jazz Artist Anyway?

Jazz: Sinful Or Spiritual?

Jesus And King David Sang The Blues

The Wonder Of Creativity

Are You Really Listening?

Count Your Blessings

We Are The Ones We Are Waiting For!

(Articles written by other CJA Network Members)

Community Jazz  (Sean O'Bryan Smith)

The Numbing Sameness (Eric Copeland)

The Jazz Bandstand As Sacred Space (Clifford Aerie)

Sacred Jazz- (Eric Reed)

Jazz In The Church - (Lance Bryant)

Theology Of Jazz In Worship - (Nelson Boschman)

Articles By Others 

God Leaps In

Musical Improvisation: Church, Spirit and Body

The Coltrane Test

Jazz Improv In Amos

God, Church, And All That Jazz

Lunch With The Lord: Church Offers Noontime Jazz Concerts

Churchgoers Catch The Spirit Of Jazz

Playing And Praying: How Sweet The Sound In Church

Peace Flows Like A Sax Solo At Church's Jazz Series

Blues In The Night

Ministry Of Jazz

The Deep Joy Of Jazz

The Beautiful Soul of Wycliffe Gordon


"Jazz Theologian" is a very interesting web site with plenty of discussions about Jazz music and it's theological implications!

Recommended Reading

The Rise Of Gospel Blues - Michael W. Harris  (Oxford University Press)

The Heart Of Jazz - William Grossman /Jack Farrell  (Da Capo Press)

Duke Ellington, A Spiritual Biography - Janna Steed (Crossroad Publishing) 

Art And The Bible - Francis Schaeffer  (IVP)

Imagine - A Vision For Christians In The Arts - Steve Turner  (IVP)

Being Human: The Nature of Spiritual Experience - Ranald Macaulay and Jerram Barrs

Addicted to Mediocrity: Contemporary Christians and the Arts - Franky Schaeffer

Creativity - Matthew Fox  (Penguin Putnam)

Whee, We, wee, All The Way Home - Matthew Fox  (Bear And Company)

On Becoming A Musical Mystical Bear - Matthew Fox  (Paulist Press)

Original Blessing: A Primer in Creation Spirituality - Matthew Fox (Penguin Putnam)

God, Creation, and All That Jazz - Ann Pederson  (Chalice Press)

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