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Prayerful Meditations is a CD filled with prayerful and moving music arranged & performed by David Arivett on keyboards. From exciting full orchestral scores to quiet breath-taking songs, the listener is rewarded with music that is most appropriate to listen to during prayer or devotions. Classic Hymns are blended in with contemporary worship music to help provide a mood conducive to experiencing an awesome time in God's presence! 

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 Keyboard Meditations!

Keyboard Meditations

Here is a couple of reviews of David's critically acclaimed " Keyboard Meditations "! 

 "Be ready to be transported to a peaceful and serene place with Keyboard Meditations by David Arivett. David's music definitely has therapeutic qualities! Beautiful pianos and lush orchestral pads compliment his wonderful compositions and skilled keyboard playing".

 Jerry Kenney Alpha Rhythms WYSO 91.3 FM

Our radio program 'Alpha Rhythms' is dedicated to music that takes you places, and David Arivett's "Keyboard Meditations" CD does just that! Each piece of music carries the listener to where spirit and emotion are the ruling forces. 'Keyboard Meditations' is aptly named in that it is a remarkably contemplative CD. From Mysterious Wonder and First Snow, through Arivett's Adagio for Strings, we are treated to numerous 'sound'scapes that invoke distinct moods and make the inner journey accessible for the listener. Thanks for providing our listeners with your music, and good luck with future projects!


          Keyboard Meditations 

More audio excerpts of David's best selling Keyboard Meditations CD!

Listen to more excerpts of this beautiful soothing music! This CD is great to listen to during the winter season or for times of quiet meditation!

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