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David Arivett's worship music is touching hearts and lives in a very powerful way! Every week David's songs are proving themselves in churches across America! On this page you will find David's worship recordings! 

  Sneak preview of David's upcoming new worship CD, " I Am Ready" with Fresh Fire due out soon! 

We Welcome You

Celebrate Today

I Am Ready

They That Wait

  O I Want To See Him

With Track 



Worship CD's



Fresh Fire CD, "Are You Ready?" CD featuring new worship music written and produced by David!


"Are You Ready?", is Fresh Fire's  recording of fresh new worship music with a burning message.  This CD contains a wide variety of styles in today's worship music. You will be truly touched and uplifted by this CD. Are you ready for God to do a new thing in your life?   






Prayerful Meditations

Prayerful Meditations is a CD filled with prayerful and moving music arranged & performed by David Arivett on keyboards. From exciting full orchestral scores to quiet breath-taking songs, the listener is rewarded with music that is most appropriate to listen to during prayer or devotions. Classic Hymns are blended in with contemporary worship music to help provide a mood conducive to experiencing an awesome time in God's presence. 




Are You Ready?



I Will Follow You

Are You Ready?

He'll Put Ya' Back

Come Near Now

More Precious Than Anything


 Prayerful Meditations


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Exuberant Praise

   Exuberant Praise is a live worship recording that was produced on the West Coast by David Arivett.

 Recorded live with choir and orchestra, this project is filled with energized praise and worship music. This recording captured a special night of spirit-filled praise. Thousands of lives have been touched by this recording!  





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No Not One

It Is Well With My Soul

Have Thine Own Way

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Something About That Name


Exuberant Praise

          $13.99 for CD  or $9.95 for cassette plus shipping!                  

Real Audio excerpts from
Exuberant Praise

                                             Great Is The Lord

Give God the Glory

    When Redeemed I Stand

    My Hope Is Built On You





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The, "Jazzed In Church" series of arrangements was born out of many jazz concerts done over a period of years performed in a church setting by Pianist/Composer David Arivett. (Recordings of these arrangements includes the vocal group Fresh Fire, saxophonist Larry Cangelosi, Keith Woods, and a full horn and rhythm section using Christian jazzers!)

There are up tempo swing, Latin, funk, and contemporary jazz. There are also slower ballads for quiet times.

These songs have proven themselves to be very effective both lyrically and musically for use in a church setting, vespers, or concert.  David has written and/or arranged all the songs on this page. All piano parts have been fully transcribed note for note! Or you can use lead sheets with the chords if you want. Split tracks and backing tracks to, "play along" with are available as well here!

For other Jazz and Instrumental  CD's by David Arivett click CD icons below.





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