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We celebrate the gift of music as a gift to be enjoyed and savored! We celebrate life...we celebrate jazz...Celebrate today and be jazzed!!!!!!

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The dictionary defines the word "pizzazz" as, "Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement". We prefer jazz that is spirited and energetic...Jazz with Pizzazz! (No "snooze" jazz allowed!) We define "Snooze jazz" as "music that helps you go to sleep"! Smooth jazz can be more aptly described as "gentle instrumentals". Much of it doesn't swing like traditional jazz and there is more of a "laid back" quality to it. There is a time and place for this type of music and many great jazz musicians play and record this type of music. However, this can tend to blur the elements between traditional jazz and smooth jazz. But we have discovered that many listeners who first started out listening to smooth jazz eventually gravitate and work their way back to discover the wealth of jazz music in its more traditional forms...hence the name "Smooth Pizzazz"!

We carefully chose this name to attract the widest listening audience possible! We want young rockers tuning in! We want senior citizens to turn on their Miracle-Ear hearing aid and getting into the songs. We want you, your whole family, and all your friends to get into the jazz with pizzazz! There's bound to be something you like in our eclectic playlists.

Our broadcasts feature the top jazz musicians in the world! On Smooth Pizzazz it's all about the music! We play music from independent artists/labels and we play music from the major record labels.  Tune in to "Smooth Pizzazz" for some the very best Jazz you will find anywhere on this planet! 

Most of the music we play on Smooth Pizzazz would not be considered tame enough for the majority of FM Radio Smooth Jazz Stations out there! The focus here is on the writing, spiritual energy, musicianship, groove, vibe and the overall impact it has on the listener.  Here at Smooth Pizzazz it's not about hype...  It's all about the music!

We celebrate and promote the infinite variety of jazz music and our playlists reflect that! Within the framework of jazz music there is room for a myriad of styles and influences. Therefore we do not promote one style of jazz only. Neither do we discriminate on this basis either. Instead, we broadcast Jazz in its many forms, encouraging an open heart, mind, and attitude of acceptance and appreciation for the creative flow and musical ideas of others!

To help underwrite the cost of broadcasting on the internet there is a monthly fee of $7.95 to be a preferred listening member of Live 365. There is a free 5 day trial so what are you waiting for?

   (Live365 is the largest host of internet radio in the world!)  

Listen Now! 

  Funky Jazz `  Fusion `  Latin Jazz `  Straight Ahead ` Brazilian Jazz `

Big Band ` Hot Horns ` Smokin' Solos ` Vocal Jazz   ` Contemporary Jazz  `

   Dave Koz    Hilton Ruiz     Bobby Lyle   Justo Almario      Michael Camilo     Jeff Lorber   Bob James   Rob Mullins

Wayne Shorter   Ramsey Lewis   David Sanborn  Roy Hargrove  Weather Report    Herbie Hancock   Keith Jarrett

  Duke Ellington   Chick Corea    Sadao Wantanabe   Rippingtons   Steve Weingart   Tribal Tech   James Morrison 

     Kurt Elling   Eliane Elias    Chris Botti    Karyn Allyson       Klazz  Brothers   Mark Levine   Richard Elliot 

Paquito D'Rivera   Pancho Sanchez   David Benoit   Dave Weckl    Tom Coster     Alex Bugnon    Brian Auger

      Yellow Jackets    Ricky Peterson    Joe Sample   Take 6     Tower Of Power     Euge Groove    Tom Scott

    Spyro Gyra     Brecker Brothers     Barbara Dennerlein   Blood Sweat & Tears    Dave Grusin    Diane Reeves

                Ed Calle    Jeff Golub    Marcus Miller    Pat Metheny                  Philippe Saisse   Sandy Cressman   Carol Welsman   

       Dave Valentin   Rick Braun   Akira Jimbo   Bob Baldwin    Scott Wilkie       Jaco Pastorius    Miguel Romero    Ronnie Cuber

                                   And many more!

Smooth Pizzazz also broadcasts the most complete collection of Inspirational jazz you will find on this planet! Covers of "Jazzed Up" hymns, spirituals, sacred, as well as plenty of outstanding original material!

Preview all the artists listed below here:

Smooth Pizzazz also plays Inspirational Jazz music from Christian Jazz Artists including:

         Alex Acuna    James Morrison   Cyrus Chestnut   Louie Bellson         Ruth Naomi Floyd    Ron Brown   Pat Coil     David Arivett   Dave Boyer   

       Pete Malinverni    Chuck Marohnic    Denver & The Mile High Orchestra      Justo Almario    Michael Ripoll    James Weidman   The StillTime Band

Deanna Witkowski   Patty Peterson  Dan Dobek   James Weidman   Sean Jones   John Carlson   Mulgrew Miller   Greg Tardy   Quamon Fowler

Kirk Whalum   Lance Bryant    Fletch Wiley   Larry Cangelosi     Richard Birk   Bill Cantos    James Weidman    Phil DeGreg     Jamie Reid 

     Eric Copeland   Scott Brookins   Causeway  Abe Labrioel   Rod McGaha     Randy Bernsen    Riley & Richburg     Nelson Boschman   

       Ralph Carmichael   Willie Pickens   John Morrison   Peggy Duquesnel   Scat   Rob Whitlock   Amber Whitlock    Jimmy Greene   Carol Frazier  

         Bill Carter & the Presbybop Quartet     Phil DeGreg    Mark McClure    Chuck Mandt   Ike Sturm     Jim Martinez    Ray Lyon     Richard Birk  

    Eric Reed    Jay Leach   Joel Holmes    Ike Sturm    Todd Johnson     Arlington Jones    Wycliffe Gordon    Con Campbell

 Jeff Newell    Bryant Wilder   Onfire Big Band    Richard Birk   Craig Pilo

    And many more!


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