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FRESH FIRE is a vocal group with a hot sound and burning message. They do this with a fresh sound in a variety of musical styles, including jazz.  Fresh Fire endeavors to sing music that appeals to a very wide age group. Most audiences have a variety of musical tastes and Fresh Fire  takes this into consideration in every service or concert where they are asked to sing.   The amazing thing about Fresh Fire is their versatility...  they sing music in a very wide variety of styles! From Jazz to Southern Gospel and everything in between there is something for everybody!

 At their concerts Fresh Fire combines a unique blend of songs and inspirational quotes that is designed to be refreshing. We believe there are many reasons to celebrate, and Fresh Fire provides songs that are uplifting and energizing. They sing songs that relate to, "seeker sensitive" individuals as well as church goers!

The members of Fresh Fire are celebrating the musical gifts the Creator has given them. They have sang all over the United States uplifting the hearts of people everywhere!

The director of Fresh Fire is David Arivett, an established composer, jazz pianist, producer, choral director, and veteran worship leader. His songs and arrangements are being sung in churches across America.

For more information on having Fresh Fire at your church or concert hall please call toll free at 1 877  385-2064
  or e-mail

In 2005 Fresh Fire began a series of concerts, "Jazz, Jeans, and Jesus" jazz concerts held in a church in Rogers, AR (a most uplifting and energizing spiritual experience!) Joining Fresh Fire are some of the top jazz musicians from Northwest Arkansas! The overall theme for the concerts was, "Celebrate And Be Jazzed" and the concerts have been a tremendous success!

   Here is a preview of Fresh Fire's new CD recording," I Am Ready"! (available soon!)  

This recording is the sequel to Fresh Fire's best selling CD, "Are You Ready?" and once again contains a very wide range of musical styles! Gospel, Jazz, R&B, and other contemporary styles are represented showcasing David Arivett's writing, playing, and producing! And the signing talent and blend from Fresh Fire is outstanding!!


"I Am Ready"

We Welcome You

Celebrate Today

I Am Ready

They That Wait

                 O I Want To See Him


    With Track 

All the above arrangements, (and more!) are available for choirs, praise teams, or individuals. Fully notated vocal/piano scores, horn & rhythm charts, split and acc. CD's are all available for most selections. Visit the Songs Of  David Choral page for more info! For Christian jazz arrangements, (both vocal and instrumental) check out David's new series of arrangements, "Jazzed In Church" series which also features Fresh Fire vocals!!

"Are You Ready?"

"Are You Ready?", is Fresh Fire's  recording of fresh new worship music with a burning message.  This CD contains a wide variety of styles in today's worship music. You will be truly touched and uplifted by this CD. Are you ready for God to do a new thing in your life?   


"It is with pleasure that I commend to you David Arivett, his musical ensemble, FreshFire, and their recent CD, Are You Ready? I have followed David, his ministry and writing since 1990; his praise and worship music has inspired countless numbers of people toward a closer relationship with God. His passion for ministry and heart toward God are very present throughout the FreshFire CD – a combination of powerful, original music with meaningful lyrics inspired by God’s Word. One writer (David), one musical ensemble (FreshFire), twelve songs -- stylistically diverse with strong Christian impact – this equals life changing ministry. Check it out!"    Les Stallings Music Group Nashville TN 


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Below are some MP3 Audio excerpts from " Are You Ready?

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Are You Ready?

  He'll Put Ya' Back

  I Will Follow You

  Come Near Now

    More Precious Than Anything


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