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Songs Of David Jazz Education Pages

(The Songs Of David Jazz Ed pages contain some of the finest material on Jazz Ed you can find on one site! Books, Sheet Music, CD's, DVD's, Play-Along, instruction for all instruments, charts, Big Band Arrangements, and many more!)

Articles On Jazz  (Jazz History, Appreciation, ect )

Books On Latin Jazz  (complete bibliography)


Jazz Midi Files

Jazz Web Sites

Jazz In Church

(Articles exploring the connection between Jazz, Spirituality, and playing jazz in church)

Christian Jazz Artists Network

Christian Jazz Charts/Resources

B-3 Player Magazine

Internet Jazz Radio/Podcasts

Smooth Pizzazz Radio

Jazz With Pizzazz! Covering a huge variety of jazz styles and flavors with one, "snooze" jazz allowed! We prefer jazz that is energetic, lively, and spirited - jazz with pizzazz!



Music From Brazil Podcasts

Great Brazilian Jazz!



All About Jazz Podcast Center



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