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Jazz Midi Resources

  • Jazz Files at midiworld offers a collection of unnamed "cool jazz" files, followed by an alphabetical listing of over 100 titles.

  • Devian Homepage of Jazz is a great example of one individual's contribution. This site, maintained by a saxophone player from Indonesia, contains mostly fusion and contemporary music as well as his own compositions. The selection isn't large, but the quality is high.

  • Music, midis, jazz is a simple page with a lot of music on it. Some non-jazz selections are included, also.


Jazz Midi Files

From David Arivett's critically acclaimed CD

              "Island Fun"
Smokin' Cubans


Mucho Love Mucho Laughter






 Rico's Tune


 Time To Celebrate   



New midi files from David Arivett's new,"Jazzed And Glad" CD!

 For more info on CD visit here or preview samples below!

Bip Bop Hip Hop


All Is Well


She Gives Me Joy  


Miles D. Blues 


Street Funk


His Love


Prayerful Why


Gratitude Mood


Jazz Midi Files only $9.95

* Audio Backing tracks available for any song on this page.  (Backing tracks minus the lead instrument to play along with for performance.)


Songs Of David Play-Along Tracks

Jazzy Christmas Midi Files

  Go Tell It On The Mountain


We Three Kings


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


Greensleeves/What Child Is This"


Jazz Yer Blues!

"Jazz Yer Blues" is a series of  lessons by David Arivett for keyboardists who want to integrate more jazz, blues, and gospel into their playing and serves as an introduction to applying jazz to many genres. Of course these lesson are equally interesting to players who are looking for some interesting twists, voicings, and progressions! Lessons also include examples from some of the legendary jazz keyboard players!

Jazz Yer Blues Audio Samples

Midi Files included with lessons!

Jazz fusion song written by Jeff Lorber in the 70's sequenced by David Arivett.

                 Toads Place 

Check out the realistic guitar lead solo (sound came from the Korg 05r!)

              Don't Care Blues 

Just Acoustic bass and piano

             Walkin' Bass Blues 

 For more info visit here

 For more info visit here

Midi Technology

 Midi Technology is a great learning and teaching tool!

You can open up the music score and follow along to see and hear what each instrument is doing. You can slow down the tempo to catch those difficult phrases and even play along with the whole band! You will need a standard sequencing program to fully utilize midi.

To hear midi files play back you only need your computers sound card. Remember that you must have high quality Midi sounds to achieve best results. Roland and Yamaha units are highly recommended for GM, GS, and XG.

Jazz is particularly suited to MIDI. Most sound cards can reproduce percussion, fretless bass, piano, and other instruments typically used in jazz better than, say, orchestral sounds. There are many places on the Web to find good jazz. A complete list can be found in the MIDI Files: Jazz section. If you want to jump right in, the following list should provide all you need for many hours of listening pleasure:

Other sites are listed in MIDI Files: Jazz. In addition to these, there are hundreds of pages by individual jazz composers. You can find these by searching for "jazz MIDI."

Jazz Midi Resources

  • The JazzPage is a well-designed site based in Germany and offers videos and photos as well as MIDI files. The MIDIs are mostly top-notch.

  • All That Jazz...And Then Some offers a classic jazz MIDI collection primarily from the 50's through mid-70's. Includes music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Thelonius Monk.

  • Just Jazz Midi Files Your Number One Source for Classic and Contemporary Jazz Midi Files