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New Worship Songs  

Here is a couple of our newest worship choruses!

Be Born In Us Today 

Prayerful intimate song that is most fitting to use during the Christmas season! 

 Mp3  track  

  Acrobat  pdf  

They That Wait

A song that is great for use during more reflective times of worship! The song emphasizes looking and waiting on the Lord for renewed strength.

They That Wait Mp3 Acapella  Excerpt      

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Songs Of David New Music Preview Page!

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Looking for Christian Jazz  Worship? Want to integrate Jazz music into your worship service? 

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 SOD Jazz Worship

Tune In Here!

 Here are songs that are proving themselves to be effective touching lives in churches every Sunday. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from in fast, medium, and slow tempos. Lead sheets, vocal parts, tracks and orchestrations are available. 

Preview Worship songs in Mp3 format below!


Songs Of David Worship Songs!

Up Tempo

   Here are some up tempo worship songs in a variety of styles. Great for opening up your worship service!

Are You Ready?  Mp3
We Have Come To Worship You pdf   Mp3
We Welcome You pdf   Mp3
Lift Up The Lord pdf   Mp3
Hasn't God Been Good?  pdf   Mp3
Creator  pdf    Mp3
I Will Follow You  pdf    Mp3
People Really Matter pdf    Mp3
Jesus Is The Rock Mp3
This Is The Day pdf    Mp3
It Is Time To Celebrate  Mp3
Without Faith Mp3

Medium Tempo

   Here are some medium tempo worship songs! 

I Am Ready  Mp3
Put Ya' Back Together  Mp3
Christ Shall Give You Light  pdf    Mp3
Every Day Is A Gift  Mp3
It Is Good  Mp3
Magnify  Mp3


Slow Tempo

   Here are some slow tempo worship songs!

The Healer Is Here  Mp3
We Adore You  pdf   Mp3
Bread Of Life  pdf   Mp3
More Precious Than Anything  Mp3
Come Near Now  Mp3
Refreshing Mp3
All I Want Is You Mp3
I Will Exalt Thee Mp3
My Hope Is Built On You pdf     Mp3
Jesus We Praise You  Mp3
No Hope Without Him  pdf    Mp3

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