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"Do you know that our souls are composed of music?" - Leonardo DaVinci"

Before all language and after, in each of us are the basic truths, eternally mysterious and utterly common, from which: music." -"What To Listen For In The World" by Bruce Adolphe

Welcome To

Songs of David is the website for Pianist/Composer/Arranger David Arivett.  Songs Of David is David's publishing Company. The Songs Of David website promotes music that is unique, creative, innovative, and inspirational.

 We celebrate the wonder, joy, and diversity of music! Music is a gift to be thankful for and my website reflects that persuasion. We also explore the mystery of the spiritual language inherent in music. We place a large emphasis on enjoying music as a gift. In fact we encourage everyone to celebrate today and savor the music! Finally, we place a heavy emphasis on the joy of learning music so you will find a wealth of music education resources as well.

 Here at Songs Of David it's not about hype... it's all about the music. The French composer Claude Debussy put it this way when speaking about listening to music:

 "There is no theory. You have only to listen. Pleasure is the only law." 

1) Beware of endorsements by others when buying music. After all, they only represent the personal knowledge, tastes, and understanding of one individual!

2) Remember,  CD's receiving the most airplay and press are not necessarily the best music! Press and airplay have been for the most part controlled by the large record labels cash. Some of the very best music doesn't get publicized! Just because millions bought it doesn't make it great music either. I heard a saying that is most appropriate here, " Eat a bowl of cow manure...six-million flies can't be wrong"!!!!!

3) Let your ears be the sole and final judge when purchasing CD's! If you really like what you hear then buy it and enjoy it!

"Tain't no sin to step out of your skin and dance around in your bones!"

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